TRANSCRIPT:   "Healing for the Inner Hurts" --  by Dr. Jack Schaap.

From a sermon preached Sunday night, April 3, 2005, by Dr. Jack Schaap, pastor of First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana.  This transcription is from a fourteen minute clip from the sermon starting at minute "8:30."  There are no "typos."  This transcription was typed exactly as Dr. Schaap speaks -- which is very fast with some words slurred.  Missing words, corrected words, or incoherent parts will be in [brackets].

       “The Pope's passing on to his eternal destiny is not a cause for any other religion to stand up and say, 'Good’ or ‘bad.'  The man did his best.  I think he was a sincere man.  I read his articles, and I read many of his sermons, and I tried to get a feel for the man.  Let me say this, until you are a leader of a pretty sized, good-sized congregation, let alone a leader, of several hundreds of millions of people, be careful how you stand in judgment of anybody.  It not necessarily a power-hungry thing.  The man has enormous pressures on him, and his positions and stand … you say, 'Brother Schaap, you're not Catholic?  No, I'm a, I'm a dyed-in-the-wool Baptist.  But, I hurt for a lot of Catholic people I love very much.  And, I grieve for them because someone they look to … by the way, a lot of Catholic friends grieved with you when Brother Hyles died.  A lot of Catholic press wrote some nice things about our Baptist leader.  Be gentle and kind with people, no matter how much you disagree with them.  And, no matter where you stand, I mean, there are precious Catholic people I love with all my heart.  My neighbor's Catholic, and I think he is one of the best guys God put in this earth. 

       Watch out for labels … building walls, that shouldn't be built.  Be careful about some denominational tag.  Don't get, don't get worried folks, don't get worried.  You got a Baptist preacher … next … come back next week and I'll reign down fire and brimstone.  My point is, there's got to be a place that says, 'Look-it, we believe we're as narrow minded as the cover of that book right there.'  But you know what?  Between the cover of that book is room for every human being, including me and you.  If there's not room for everybody between the pages of that book right there, then … then, I want to get a different religion, then, OK?  If my God is the kind that excludes people because of tags, or labels, or sins, then I don't have the right God!  I need a God that says, 'Whosoever will, may freely take the water of life.'  Hey, I need a God who says, 'For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.'  Hey!  That's me and you, brother!  Nobody's gonna be shut out by these doors as long as this preacher's behind this pulpit.  Nobody's gonna be shut out by tag, or label, or name, or sin.  That's why we are in business!  We are in business for the people that don't fit in any place else!

       That's why I weep with the Catholics tonight, yes I do.  I grieve with them.  I hurt because somebody they had a lot of confidence in … somebody they found a lot of security in.  There are thousands, and tens of thousands of teenagers tonight, in
Vatican City, looking for leadership, and I hurt for them because … teenagers are looking to a Godly man … to a man of God, as they called him.  And, I grieve for them because I want them to know the truth, and I want them to have the security they crave.

       Don't write people off, folks.  Don't write people off.  Take your stand.  Know what you believe.  But, don't write people off.  And so, I wanna say that those who often hurt us the most … an abusive father … a dad who has anger management problems, to use a politically correct term … a hotheaded, redheaded Irishman, who's got, you got for a father, or whatever blame you wanna put on why he's got a hot head.  He's got a swift fist, he's got a filthy mouth, and he might be a deacon in our church, or, he might be a Sunday School teacher here, or a bus captain … or, he might be one of my best friends.  My point is, just because he goes to this church does not mean necessarily he's dealt with anger that comes, but I promise you this … every man I ever mell, met, that either hits his wife, or abuses children, is a man, yuh [you] back him up to his childhood, and he's a man who hurts.  And, I know that when you became a man, you're supposed tuh [to] deal with those issues

       But, le'me, le'me just say one right here … I have yet to find a pedophile, who was not a boy … who's life was interrupted by a severe injury … on his journey to manhood.  The injury never healed.  And now, his unhealed hurt … is hurting other boys.  And, it's so easy to stand up, and our, and get a little soap box, and point a finger to pedophile … don't, don't get me wrong.  Pedophile and a prison … even hardened, criminal prisoners, even murderers, and … and, and, and hardened people … they'll, they'll, they'll beat a pedophile.  But so easy for them to say, 'We don't like your kind,' but, that kind is that kind because when he was a little boy nobody stepped in and helped the guy, and now he got that hurt … And, you could say, 'Well, he's a big boy now, he ought to get over it!' [incoherent words].  Why don't you get over your problems then, too?!  You don't have a problem shootn' your mouth off!  You're a problem justifying your cigarettes!  You're a problem justifying your liquor you got in the refrigerator!  You're a problem justifying your fornication, or living with your girlfriend, or sleeping with every hound-dog in the area, here.  S'mazing [It's amazing] how we can justify our own damnable, abominable, heretical, sin while you're pointing a crooked finger at somebody, and say, 'We don't want you kind here …"  [End of clip.]

Transcribed by Lisa S.
As requested by Pastor Steven L. Anderson